Monday, August 03, 2009


Today's economic rainstorm has many people around the globe running for cover. Not just us: the fashion-loving, shoe-obsessed, dress-and-bag-a-holics of the world who love to splurge, it's everyone (from Billionaires all the way to negative $10 bank account holders). The Hollywood community is no exception to this rule, and the traditional "money-is-no-object" idealism is no longer feasible.

Kenny Golde, Director, Producer, Writer and now author of 'The Do-It-Yourself Bailout' shares his secrets on how he amassed $212,000 in credit card debt while pursuing his dreams as a filmmaker, then magically reduced it to $30,000 in six months!

How'd he do it, you wonder? Well, Golde was able to negotiate settlements on debts directly with the banks (without involving or paying any 3rd party agencies)! This is a great option to consider as a route to eliminate debt quickly, and is certainly a less painful alternative than bankruptcy, which will leave a blemish on your profile for many years after filing!

This book will lead you through the process of facing your fear... looking Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover right in the eyes and doing what it takes to bid farewell to debt!

CBS News in Los Angeles calls this book "a must read".

I say, this book will "save your life", and is an invaluable tool to help get your "financial house" in order! The $19 price is a nominal investment in your journey to affluence!

Also, Kenny Golde will host a live seminar on Saturday, August 15th, 2009, to introduce and teach the very methods he used to conquer debt! The cost to attend the seminar is $69, and all registrants will receive a complimentary copy of 'The Do-It-Yourself Bailout'!

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May your cups runneth over.


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