Friday, July 31, 2009


the iconic french fashion house adored by the fashion elite, has continued to give us the most beautifully exquisite, colorful and luxurious printed silk & knit garments in the industry for the past 50+ years. They are in my personal fashion Hall-of-Fame and share company with Missoni, Pucci, Etro, Roberta di Camerino, Matthew Williamson and Sonia Rykiel - some of my favourite iconic masters of color, craftsmanship & style.
This piece of gorgeousness right here, is the "Marcia" Jumpsuit from their Spring 2009 Collection, and is pretty much at the top of the Jumpsuit Food Chain in my book!

The deep plunge top is very sexy and modern, nicely juxtaposed with harem legs, which have recently been brought back into popularity. It's so, "I Dream of Jeannie" meets "Gossip Girl"!

How have they managed to stay off the radar for so long? I must admit, it has enabled them to maintain an exclusiveness and mystique that many fashion houses have lost through the decades. Well, I'm staking my claim right here and now... I've been loving Leonard for years, and after seeing this, I'm sure you will be loving them too!

The Marcia Jumpsuit... coming soon to a closet near you! (Mine)!



PS... If she were still around, would Carrie Bradshaw rock this? What do you think??? Visit us on Twitter to share your thoughts!

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