Tuesday, April 14, 2009


New fashion line alert!

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is reportedly working on two new fashion labels called, "I Die", and "Bananas"!! These two popular catch phrases from her hit Bravo tv show, The Rachel Zoe Project (which will be returning for it's 2nd season later this year), are the inspiration behind the names. To soothe our Gucci wallets, these lines are said to be completely accessible to all, and won't cost you a mortgage payment!

This could be huge. Rachel's 70's inspired, relaxed glamour, vintage chic style put starlets like Lindsay Lo & Nicole Ritchie on the fashion map. I totally dig her style, and I'm all for this whole thing, but just have 1 little gripe... Ms. Zoe is NOT the pioneer of using the word "Bananas" to indicate that something is so fly, it's ridiculous. It's another one of those East Coast/New York-isms that emerged from the urban culture. Sort of like, "That's hot..." with P. Hilton.
(That was NOT hers, either)!


NY MAG: Rachel Zoe Launches a Clothing Line and We're Worried
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