Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Alexander McQueen is the first fashion designer to kick off the new Designer Collaborations series with Target!! This is their take on bringing in well-known, established designers to design a line that will reach the masses via our favorite home and miscellaneous emporium, Target.

This is exciting stuff!! A man who creates couture design genius such as this:

Will now have a collection that is purchased via red shopping buggy next to Tide and Toothpaste?
Wow. The McQ for Target collection debuted this week - here's a peek at a few pieces...

A. Cute black dress. Simple. Could wear to work or funk it up with fancy shoes & jewels. Not sure why the stylist has the black leggings worn with this. I wouldn't do so.

B. Smoke denim jacket with slight stud effect. It has a bit of a rockstar edge. Kind of cute.

C. Pink punkish dress. Not really my style, but I think someone out there would like it. Probably better if worn with the leggings in (A.)

Which look is your favorite?
All in all, nothing blew me away from what I saw on the Target website.


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