Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Pink Carpet

Mattel staged the ultimate pink carpet event in Malibu yesterday: Barbie's 50th Birthday at her Malibu Dream House! Jonathan Adler designed the gorgeous, waterfront pink palace! Ok, so it's only pink on the inside... still, how adorable! The hip & fashionable young Hollywood set came out to play at this ingenious marketing event. Let's tour!

The entrance to Barbie's Malibu Dream House features Monogrammed gates...

Her foyer... welcome home!

A living room area with a "B" emblazoned in the carpet! Very mod, 1960's look.

A second very chic living room area... the Andy Warhol of Barbie on the wall is worth over $200,000! The chandelier is made of wig hair by the zany designer Chris March from Project Runway Season 4!!

Close-up on the to-die-for chairs!! Love the ruffled train & bow on the back! A-dorable! The elephant table is sooo Jonathan Adler!

A mirror made of nothing but Barbie dolls! By J. Adler!

Jonathan Adler next to his work of art. Love the pink poodle next to the fireplace!

Zoom-in of the "hair" chandelier & Barbie Warhol.

Barbie's boudoir lined in pink velvet. This is like a girly Candyland of sorts!

It has a Hollywood Regency feel to it... We may need to coin a new design term for this: Girlywood Regency!

Every girl should have a vanity in her bedroom or dressing room! It's the ultimate in glamour-puss luxury. Barbie's is equipped with her very own make-up products from the 50th Anniversary collaboration with Stila cosmetics!

More things every girl should have... a shoe closet! Barbie's just happens to be outfitted with wall-to-wall Christian Louboutin's!

These are the same shoes worn by the models in the Barbie Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week last month!

Her very own VW Beetle too?!! Ok, so this is not quite MY dream car, but hey - she can add it to her collection right along with the Corvette, RV Motorhome, and private jet. Plus, it's pink so it's all good!

Even the engine is pink! Too cute, Volkswagen!

I'm sure all of Barbie's famous guests (Heidi Klum, Lauren Conrad, The Kardashian's, and more) would agree, that just about every girl has a little bit of Barbie in her!! This dream house is a smash! What do you think?


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