Friday, February 20, 2009


Please note: The Roni Report does not endorse nor support negative gossip or hurtful rumors.

We do however, feel it is necessary to address the Chris Brown / Rihanna incident that happened the eve of The Grammy's, in consideration of all of the controversy surrounding this unfortunate situation. It's hard to understand what really happened between the two of them that night. Only the two of them really know for sure. In the meantime, we have a message for everyone:

  • PARENTS: Don't fight in front of your children. Teach them positive conflict resolution strategies instead. Love them. Nurture them. Hug & kiss them. They will transition into adults who know how to love.
  • RIHANNA: Take care of yourself. Seek therapy. Examine the role you played in the incident. Take accountability for it. Allow yourself room to heal. Avoid any relationship where there is abuse. Seek relationships with people who bring out the best in you (not the worst).
  • CHRIS: Examine the role you played in this incident. Take accountability for it. Seek intense therapy. Apologize. Seek forgiveness. Allow yourself room to heal. Make the commitment to change. Believe that you are worth a second chance. Prove that you are worth a second chance. This road may be long and arduous, but your life is not over. Don't give up.
  • ENDORSEMENT PARTNERS: We understand your need to move on. Nobody wants their brand associated with unecessary drama. We are not mad at you.
  • THE WHOLE WORLD: Please take some time to remember the stupid, embarrassing, regretful, shameful, illegal, pitiful & asinine things that YOU did when YOU were 18. Learn the power of "The Gift of Goodbye" (Definition: Having the wisdom to know when it is time to end a relationship, and the strength and will-power to actually do it).
  • MEDIA: Please do not burn this young man at the stake. He is young, with many years ahead of him. Have faith that he will learn and grow from this. Just punishment should be delivered to any and all parties involved who violated the law. Allow the law to figure out the facts. Know that you are not the law nor the gospel.


PS... the link above will lead you to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

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