Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What is the world coming to???? Would someone please tell me? Somehow, over the last 2 weeks, I've managed to miss a VERY important memo! Over Starbucks and a little window shopping this weekend, I was politely informed about the demise of my beloved Domino Magazine!! WHATTT? Noooooo, not my favorite! What are we supposed to read now? All of my favorite shelter magazines are disappearing!

Back in 2002, there was this fabulous & hip home design magazine called Living Room. It's feet were cut off right after the first issue! Gone! Broke my heart. Then, the departure of House & Garden, another fabulous magazine, in 2007. Now this? I can't take anymore of this. Sadly, March 2009 is the final issue of Domino.
What does it say about our economic health when even magazines can't stay alive? What is that? In the most strenuous of financial moments, I will still find a way to purchase a magazine or a book that I can get lost in. Don't you? It's the perfect form of escapism.

Domino will always be remembered by this loyal and devoted charter subscriber. I will continue to cherish and be inspired by my library of every issue of this magazine. Their ideas were fresh, unique and fun. They spoke to the way we think today. The high-low mix, the liberation from neutrals and an all-around fashionable approach to home design. I doubt if another can compete.
Be sure to click into the link above (in the title line), to enjoy the photos and design genius that are on the website for only a limited time before they shut down the doors.

(This just in...)
Apparently, (the world's online interior design marketplace bringing together a diverse and passionate social network of individuals, artists and professional designers) is inviting those of us who are mourning Domino to join their design community. I will leave it to the jury to determine if it could come even close to attempting to fill Domino's shoes. (No offense, but I'm in mourning).

Domino, rest in peace!

Love to Love You,


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