Tuesday, November 06, 2007


It's the launch of the Roberto Cavalli for H&M Collection people, and it's going down on Thursday, November 8, 2007!! Yet another reason why WE H&M!!

How unbelievable is it, that this Rock Star of a fashion designer will release a limited edition line of pieces for our beloved purveyor of totally adorable yet affordable fashion?! Yayyy! Jumping for joy. We are SO celebrating this event (well, at least I am). Roberto Cavalli, known for his luxurious, sizzling, sexy, and often animal printed designs - has a following including Halle Berry, Beyonce, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Cavalli designs for those who enjoy the beauty, opulence and over-the-top glamour of life.

I will be at the launch, prepared for the sheer pandemonium that I am predicting at The Beverly Center in LA - (my current H&M outpost). The shopping strategy in the midst of the mayhem? Get in there as fast as possible and quickly "survey" over all items, grabbing those that I love along the way. Then after that, comes the "edit", where the pieces I can not live without will be selected. Confession: In this case - already seen the collection and know EXACTLY what I want!! (Insert devilish grin here).

These items are SO special. Only 10 locations across the US will have them (NY, LA, Chicago, etc...). When they're gone, they're gone!!! SOOO, Be there, or Be Square!



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