Monday, October 29, 2007


The atmosphere was absolutely electric in Little Tokyo this weekend, where MOCA hosted the launch of Takashi Murakami's magnificent multimedia installation for members and friends on Saturday evening. Louis Vuitton followed suit on Sunday night, opening for the 'red carpet set', complete with a performance featuring Kanye West.

The exhibit of over 90 works attracted the bold and the beautiful, the young and old alike. Downtown gypsy-bohemian types mingled with the artsy crowd, who mixed with Hollywood Hipsters and the very Harajuku-inspired (one brave soul showed up in a wedding dress and another had a "baby" doll in a chest-carrier ensemble going on). They were definitely representing Tokyo style!

The beauty of Murakami's vision was genius, overwhelming, and complex. It was all so pretty & colorful in a very 'Candyland meets Willy Wonka' way. After navigating through two cheerfully bright Murakami-print wallpapered rooms, I officially decided that this exhibit made me happy! So happy and even childlike. At times I even wanted to break out and start skipping (although my extra four inches of height talked me out of it)! Uniquely, a very cool Louis Vuitton boutique was also part of the installation, with exclusive pieces (from the Louis Vuitton/Murakami collaboration) and one very cool Mr. Keanu Reeves in the house checking them out. Nice touch. I will never look at my Murakami Speedy Bag quite the same again - it will be cherished as a work of art from here on out!

The Takashi Murakami retrospective will remain in Los Angeles through February 11, 2008, but you need to get over there to see it quick & fast! You can not miss this one. You will be inspired.

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