Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Velvet Angels Are Amongst Us

The "Queen" Stiletto
{You should see these in copper! Sizzling !}

So, my fabulous friends and I were out at Maxim's recent Hot 100 event in LA, where we  stumbled onto a little slice of heaven... Velvet Angels - a sensational new luxury footwear & lifestyle brand! After a preview of the Summer 2010 collection, inspired by "Hot Hot Hollywood", we instantly fell in love with the sultry yet edgy line with a touch of Rock & Roll flavor {and a hint of "superhero" appeal}...
The "Royal Bar" Bootie
{Features an ankle draped in little leather guitar picks! Genius! Also available in pink!}

Sky-high stilettos, architectural platforms, peep-toe booties & sandals with fighter-style ankle wraps in soft leathers, punctuated by clever detailing in an interesting mix of colors {like pink, copper & royal blue} round out this sought-after collection that has already caught the attention of Hollywoodland.  

Velvet Angels has been featured in Elle, InStyle, in music videos by Pink & Keri Hilson and walking red carpets all over tinseltown by some of fashion's finest - Tyra Banks, Katy Perry, Fergie, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Lady GaGa, among others.
"La Loco" Platform in Natural
{How terrific would these be with a fitted tank top, tucked into a slim, knee-length pencil skirt?! Delightful !}

The official launch was in the Spring of 2008 with fashion veteran Jeff Yarchever at the helm.  Jeff began in the apparel business with Jet Apparel back in 1984, and through his recent collaboration with shoe designer Joe Ponce, a bold new women's luxury footwear brand was born.

This daring line pushes the envelope, serving up fresh, original options in a market saturated with so much of the same! There is something for everyone in each collection and I am loving the fact that nothing about this label is predicatable! Upon meeting, Jeff explained that the logo for the brand {a single rose resting atop a hand grenade} represents the concept of "Explosive Love", which is what happens anytime someone lays eyes on a woman in a smoking hot pair of shoes!! I love it ! Surely we can all use some explosive "Velvet Angels love" in our lives!

Available at Nordstrom, Intermix, Diavolina and over 200 retailers nationwide as well as in Australia, Eastern Europe and Tokyo.

Of course something extra-special is in this for you...

Velvet Angels has spread their heavenly wings over The Roni Report with an exclusive offer: 20% off any online purchase all summer long!!  Use our promotional code "RONIREPORT" to have the offer applied to your order from June 1st to August 1st.  Visit www.velvetangels.com to shop for some explosive new additions! 


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