Thursday, April 08, 2010


We all know that feeling we get the moment we've laid eyes on a gorgeous and luxuriously decadent item of clothing ...the dramatic gasp, the cheshire-cat-grin while caressing it and trying it on, the knowing nod that screams that you just KNOW that this was meant to be, and then the uncontrollable obsession with the item that will usually follow. This is precisely what happened to me on one fine day, when I first became aquainted with breakout luxe loungewear line, C.Z. Falconer.

C.Z. Falconer once found herself fresh out of college and in a hedge-fund analyst position in San Francisco, far away from the glitz & glamour of the fashion world! She headed off to New York where she made a name for herself over the past decade as a major player in the fashion industry working for the likes of fashion giants Ralph Lauren, Coach, Kate Spade and Guess, where she held roles on the product development and design sides of the business. She later returned to her native California, where she would later launch her own line.

In 2009, after years of searching for what she always thought was an obvious need in fashion, Falconer decided to take matters into her own hands to create the line that she was so desperate to find – the perfect collection of luxury loungewear. The collection was going to be comfortable, yet luxurious – the perfect option for women looking for key pieces that were a cross between the laid back look of everyday LA-style and chic European vacation-wear.   In the back of her mind, was cashmere that could be worn year-round and beautiful resort pieces that would travel easily while globetrotting to fabulous destinations! With this one simple idea,  a namesake niche lifestyle brand made it's debut in the independent fashion label mecca of Los Angeles!

"It all began with a group of friends, a large dining room table, some champagne, and a dream. The dream was to create a lifestyle brand that channeled elements of European jet set sophistication, blended with Californian poolside glamour."

C.Z. turned to her friends and things that they all love for the inspiration behind the label - fabulous parties, stylish travel, swimming in fancy pools, french polynesia, luxurious loungewear, delicious cashmere, soft velour, flowy see-through numbers we can wear over our bikinis, foreign languages, palm springs, gstaad, harem pants & apres-ski.

All sorts of delights {with really clever little names} can be found in the debut collection, which includes harem pants, butter soft leggings with ruching at the ankles {Athena Legging}, zip-front hooded sweaters, vests & ponchos {a long-waisted zip front version is affectionately named the "Barbarella Deep-Throat Zippie"}, teeny tiny little shorts, a swimwear Cover-Up Tunic and more -might I add, all in the softest lightweight cashmere with gold-toned logo hardware on the zippers and straps! Adorable! The color palette offering is uncomplicated with black (basic), milk (white) , honey (natural) and berry (pink/red) selections available.
The showstopper of this collection is the Emmanuelle Halter Suit - an unbelievable wide legged, plunging neckline, halter jumpsuit{shown above in black}! I went absolutely beserk when the stylist for a fashion show I was doing{the sweet & talented Melinda Tarbell}, pulled it out for me!! It felt so wonderful on, that I could barely bring myself to take it off after the show! I was already envisioning lounging around the house in it, wearing it out, and even wearing it to bed! It's DELICIOUS, super sexy, glides when you walk, and has an amazing view from the rear {it's backless}!  The honey color is my favourite.  I can't wait to see what C.Z. has up her sleeve next!

Visit C.Z. Falconer on the web at !
{Available at Pink Lagoon in Solana Beach, California. }



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