Thursday, November 26, 2009


How will you spend your holiday?  Surrounded by a gorgeous cornucopia of food and the love of family and friends, I hope!  As for me, I will be transforming myself into a holiday domestic goddess! How so, you ask? {It's so easy}!

I always begin by creating a menu. I dream up a collection of delicious items, which becomes my dream menu.  After much editing, I come to terms with a final version which then becomes my shopping list.  Later, my menu keeps me organized while spending hours and hours preparing all of the delicious delights. Copies of the menu are also displayed on the table for guests to anticipate the treats that are to come.  It's an elegant touch and has become a nice keepsake and family tradition!

Here is the menu for this year's Thanksgiving Celebration:

{Ok, so I tweaked it just a tad}... I can't spoil the surprise & divulge exactly what all of the goodies are going to be today! {Smile}!  Nonetheless, this should provide you with an idea of how the menu looks and may hopefully inspire your next holiday!

What I'm grateful for? Love, family, friendship, health, wealth and YOU ALL.  This month marks the 3rd year since the day that I created The Roni Report! I'm having a fantastic time and I appreciate you all SO much... you continue to inspire me, and I am honored that you choose to spend your precious time here with me! Thank you! What are YOU grateful for today?? Have a beautiful holiday!



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