Saturday, October 17, 2009


Where were YOU on Friday night {10/16/09}???
The Hollywood Bowl was the place to be!

Chrisette Michelle, Common, and Maxwell all graced us with their presence.  The sky was clear, the temperature just right {75-80°}, crowd was gorgeous, and the music was so sweet - what a beautiful night!  The view from the front row was unsurpassed {our seats came with their very own security detail to add!}.  Common flirted with my PIC {partner-in-crime} and I throughout his entire performance, and even summoned her up to the stage to romance & plant a kiss on her! Of course this was captured on the jumbo-tron, making her an honorary "star" of the show! Cute! 

Common definitely deserves a style award. His fashion game was certainly on point - he's got a smooth Chicago street meets chic flavor going on & was rocking fresh jeans, a crew-neck sweater, with a shirt & tie underneath - all perfectly complementing his baldness.  How handsome! {I think Serena W. knows it too. She was only 1 step behind him at the after-party!}

Common had the crowd on it's feet with hits: 'The Light' {my fave Common song} & 'Universal Mind Control' and even featured singer Bilal during his set, who sang that smooth & sexy 'Soul Sister' cut from back in the day!

Maxwell shut it down with 'This Woman's Work', 'Possum Playing' & 'Pretty Wings' {among many other incredible songs}.  The Bowl is now at the top of my "Favorite Venues" list!

So much fun. Photos to come...


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