Monday, October 19, 2009


Downtown LA. was my second home this weekend!
On Saturday, a fashion fete at FIDM, while Sunday was all about Lakers vs. Clippers action at the Staples Center.
{Yes, girly-girls love basketball too}!

We watched from courtside as the Clippers kept a 10 point lead for more than half the game.  Lakers came through in the 4th quarter (or wait...was it the 3rd?), and swept in with a lead which resulted in a 114-105 Lakers win!


  • The Usual Lakers Suspects (including newlywed Lamar Odom, sans Khloe. He didn't play. Perhaps he is still on his honeymoon?)
  • The Usual Clippers Suspects (including Marcus Camby whom I grew up with back in Connecticut.  He didn't play though-perhaps due to that injury situation?)
  • Jack. Black, not Nicholson (who was very visibly absent).
  • Phil Jackson, still in effect.

What I Wore:
  • Navy American Apparel turtleneck dress {worn as a t-neck tunic with navy sash}
  • Lt. blue Diesel Jeans {with fringed cuffs except you couldn't see - they were tucked into my boots!}
  • Navy leather Versace stiletto boots {which have a stonewashed look-had them forever and still LOVE 'em!}
{Only in LA do we get the thrill of being able to watch two major NBA teams from our very own city go head-to-head!}.


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