Friday, August 07, 2009


Summer =
  • Endless Sunshine
  • Lazy Days
  • Exotic Vacations
  • The French Riviera
  • Fabulous appearances at the beach
  • Sexy pool parties
  • A cruise on someone or another's boat
  • Glamorous Swimsuits
  • Vintage-inspired, oversized sunglasses
  • Floppy Hats
  • Cute tote-bags and an often overlooked accessory that we should discuss...
  • The Beach Towel! Luxurious, large, fluffy, soft, and super-colorful - my favourite choices! Let's peek at some must-haves!
Hermes, a leader in classic luxury, gives great horse & saddle! This beach towel captures their iconic equestrian spirit! It's all yours for $530.

Pucci is always giving good towel. This "Orchidea" print in plush velour mirrors the multicolored, graphic style of their design house.

More fun from Pucci (above). This year's "STAR" - printed plushness... and what is this? A matching tunic? Four stars for Pucci. Love it!

Another color-wonder to love, Sir Paul Smith, whose brilliant, rainbow-licious flavored signature stripes feel so Willy Wonka-ish! Striped beach towel above, fab bikini, below.

2009 was a big year for Matthew Williamson (beach towel below) - with 2 successful H&M collaborations under his belt, he is just unstoppable and without a doubt, has reached household- name status! Another master of color infused with great design, he gifted H&M'ers with beach towels to go with the other fun pieces in his Spring and Summer collections!

Missoni is always pure perfection. My favorite family from Italy features beautiful patterns and colors for the beach....

Leopard printed ("Ipanema") and butterfly ("Jamelia")rainbows?? Terrific!

How clever of Lacoste! This "Chemise" beach towel caught me completely off-guard! Yes, we do expect them to do great cotton pique polo style shirts, but an uber-cool beach towel? Completely unexpected. Even more unexpected, was the fact that this beach towel features a "stack" of folded polos in rainbow flavors! An excellent option for the man in your life.{above}

Josie Natori... a name synonymous with cute pajamas, has entered into the beach towel game!
This "Geisha" towel is just divine! Natori hit the mark with this!

See you at the beach!



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