Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kira Plastinina ... the Sequel

My mother always told me to never ever, under any circumstances, give up.
Apparently, someone has also given this advice to Kira Plastinina.

The teen fashion mogul from Russia launched her girly fashion line at age 15, financed by her dad, a successful dairy magnate. She opened a bevy of stores across Russia in 2007, and then last year, opened 12 locations across the U.S. with lots of fanfare (including Paris Hilton as an admirer of the brand). After less than a year in business, things went south and all of Kira's U.S. boutiques were closed. Despite hard times in the U.S., all 70 locations in Russia continued to thrive.
Six months later, and she is back. Yesterday, staff were spotted dressing the mannequins in what was the former Robertson Blvd. location in Los Angeles, preparation for the store to open today. Kira Plastinina went back into the lab to reinvent herself, and has emerged as a completely new entity! The new company is called Pink Square, the stores will be K. Plastinina, and the new fashion brand is Lublu by K. Plastinina (Lublu means "I love" in Russian). Lublu is a premium line which will showcase higher-end fabrics and sophisticated designs. Kira's original line (Kira Plastinina) will return in select locations (The Beverly Center in LA, for starters).Loving these looks from the Spring/Summer 2009 LUBLU collection.
The white dress in the center looks like a birthday cake, with textured rosettes framing each flowy tier. How perfect for summer (I could even see this working as a wedding dress)! Too adorable.



Via: TSUM & RackedLA and Stylecaster
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