Tuesday, May 26, 2009

STAR TREK is ..............SEXY?

Star Trek is a sensational film. Really. Even the girliest of girly-girls living in their pink little worlds can appreciate this film! (I should know). It's exciting, thrilling and you know what... it's quite sexy even! Of course Chris Pines (the new Captain Kirk) delivers the hotness factor - big time, but please do not sleep on Zachary Quinto as the brilliant and hyper-logical Vulcan, Spock. In this new installment of the epic science-fiction series, Spock and Uhura (played by the super cute Zoey Saldana) are romantic and might we add, with some serious chemistry! Both characters are these absolute braniacs.... brilliant and intelligent never looked so hot!

TRR is obviously not alone in thinking this - Star Trek is currently pushing over $150 million at the box office at only 3 weeks out! Can't wait to see where they go with the new wind that has been blown into this franchise.



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