Tuesday, May 05, 2009


As a serious lover of both high and low fashion, I must give full props to the powers that be over at H&M AND to the amazingly colorific fashion god, Matthew Williamson for the sheer goodness they have given birth to this year!

Just when we thought we were over the debut, peacock-inspired capsule collection, they give us this...
(WHATTT??!! The ruffled maxi-dress part deux and floaty goddess mini kimono tunic)
and this...
(Gorgeously glam & curvy colorful bikini - Rock it out, Daria!)
and they keep it coming with this....
(The boho-chic shirt/jacket... I'd pair this with tight skinny jeans or leggings & stillettos - hot!)
and I want it ALL!! A few pieces in this collection channel Pucci, Etro even (except with a very youthful twist & MW spin) ... MW did not disappoint. Fashion's new accessibility reminds us that the designers that we love, feel our economic pains, and have shifted the tides to reflect that. Thank you to them!! More fashion for us all!



ps... a special thank you to Nitrolicious and Fashionising for some of the photos!
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