Thursday, April 16, 2009


Supermodel Cindy Crawford, Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi, Actress Sharon Leal, Talk Show Host Chelsea Handler & Actress Eliza Dushku took it all off for Allure Magazine's May 2009 issue (and they look fantastic)!! "The Nude Issue" is all about taking care of your body, keeping that youthful glow, and being happy with the skin that your in. Cindy Crawford also lets us in on some of her beauty secrets that have kept her looking like THIS.... (WOW, work it-girl)!!
Cindy Crawford is FIRE in this photo! Whoa!
This issue makes me want to step my game up, and is oh-so-timely as I'm struggling with the extra few pounds that want to hang around after many "Eat-whatever-I-want-no-exercise-and-still-a-very-modely-size-2" years!! It's not easy to crossover into the "I'm-going-to-have-to-hit-the-gym-if-I-still-want-that-girlish-figure" territory!! Help!! I'm so loving all of the nakedness, nonetheless. Very sexy!These photos are beautiful! Padma's and Cindy's are my faves!

(Doesn't this carpet look so soft & yummy? In her interview, Padma confesses to sleeping in the nude. )

(To ease her nerves, Sharon Leal kept telling herself she was beautiful during her shoot. Clever!)

Have you looked in the mirror today and told yourself how beautiful YOU are?? Try it!

Allure's hot-to-death nakedness hits newsstands on April 21st, and I'm stopping by my favorite newsstand in LA at Laurel Canyon & Ventura to get mine!



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