Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today, at H&M's Beverly Center store, it went down.
The Matthew Williamson collection hit the streets!

When the doors opened, it took less than a hot minute for the most coveted items to disappear from the racks! Crazy! The ruffled, multi-colored maxi dress (check!), the rockstar-ish taupe/putty colored leather jacket (with an adorable, colorful lining! Check!), the royal blue patchwork handbag with Peacock detailing (check!), the fushia mini-dress with pockets & studded belt (check!), the warm & fuzzy peacock cardigan (check!), the electric blue fitted pantsuit (check!). OMG! Matthew Williamson BROUGHT IT today! The pieces were adorable! The crowd was manic... but in a much more civilized way (unlike the launch of fashion god Roberto Cavalli's collaboration a couple of years back... dig through TRR's archives for the lowdown on that one)!

The collection was launched in select cities including: NYC, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, London & Paris! It looked as if about 100-200 were first in line at the LA launch. All in all, it was a good day! I was even able to score my birthday present! Look!!
for the most amazing b-day gift ever -- the signature piece from the line ...
the MAXI DRESS!! Yayyy!

So, terribly sorry to those of you who were not able to snag a piece or 2 from this RIDICULOUS collection, but I do have some AWESOME news for you:

On May 14th, the Matthew Williamson for H&M SUMMER COLLECTION hits the streets!! This man is KILLING us right now! Be ready - the swimsuits, tunics & little dresses are INSANE!! Sexy, colorful & hot-to-death! Get yours, babycakes!



ps... spotted @ the launch: Eric, the fashion stylist from Keeping up with the Kardashians, and one of the twins who are Khloe's best friends.
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