Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Buzz Girls

The Buzz Girls decended upon the dazzling Guess by Marciano boutique at The Grove in Los Angeles this Tuesday for mixing, mingling, shopping, & of course, BUZZING in association with C Magazine!!

What an ingenious concept! One part fabulous, stylish female entertainment & lifestyle executives (from just about every arm of the industry), one part exciting LA locations & venues (restaurants, spas, boutiques, motion picture studios, etc.), and add in one part coveted products, services, gifts and the like, and you have The Buzz Girls!

At a series of private, invitation-only events, products are placed in the well-manicured hands of tastemakers and style-influencers who are not only able to give valuable feedback to the partnering brands, but they are ALSO able to get the word out in a MAJOR way to the movers and shakers in the entertainment world - ultimately paving the way for these products to land in films, television, magazine pages, on red carpets and in all the right places!

How Brilliant! You never know where they'll be next!



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