Friday, April 17, 2009

ARIES.....outgoing, confident & ambitious!

Happy Birthday, Aries... the sign I just can not get away from!
Why oh why have I been an Aries magnet my entire adult life?! What is that???
Anyway, Rams, here is your horoscope for April 2009, from

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Your April Horoscope by Susan Miller
Aries Horoscope for April 2009
By Susan Miller

It's birthday month, and the universe has cooked up a lovely romantic surprise for you as the month opens. Venus, orbiting in the wee early degrees of Aries, and Uranus, traveling in very late degrees of Pisces close behind, are about to create a vibe that makes you irresistible. You have a great advantage now that Venus is in your sign, and Venus will remain in Aries until June 5! That's a long time! You can stir up quite a romantic experience now, so if you are hoping you will match eyes with someone new, circulate!

If you are attached, a romantic partner will be the center of your attention mid-month. If you're dating seriously and are in love, you may get engaged within four days of this tender full moon, April 9. Wow! With a beautiful vibration to Jupiter (happiness, luck) and Neptune (inspiration) now in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, this could be an unforgettable moment for you! This is one of the most favorable full moons in a long time!

If you are already attached, your partner will be busy plotting happy events for you. A full moon has an aura of several days, so also watch the whole period of April 9-12 for happy developments. Be aware, however, that your workload will be quite heavy in the days surrounding the full moon. You may feel frustrated at times that you can't feel as free to come and go as you'd like. Just keep reminding yourself that it's great to have a job - there are many who wish they were you.

If you don't have a romantic partner, then you may use the "urge to merge" energies of this full moon in other ways. You may find that near April 9 you are drawing up papers for business collaboration. You will be very anxious to get papers signed, but with Pluto in hard angle to Venus, you need to stay rational, objective, and focused. Read all of the fine print, and if you and your lawyer see something that needs to be changed, negotiate slowly. Write down the goals and expectations you have for this partnership and share them with the other party. Take nothing for granted - there is some indication you both may be coming to the table through different doors, with different expectations and assumptions. Taking time to air thoughts now will ensure your success later. This is a good moment, however, so if you follow these sensible measures you should have nothing to fear.

In truth, Venus has been in weak orbit because this planet of love, beauty, and material profit has been retrograde since March 6. The fact that in early April Venus will be in Aries (retrograde) and orbit near Uranus may produce an electrical charge and "awaken" Venus somewhat at the start of the month.

I will admit, however, that Venus will be in far better shape once it goes direct from April 17 onward. From that point on, you have until June 5 to enjoy this phase. After that, Venus will move on to another sign, so enjoy this romantic period while it lasts.

After Venus moves direct, from April 22 onward, if you like, it would be a super time to buy new clothes or to experiment with a new look for your hair. If you want to get plastic surgery, well, you don't need it! OK, if you are set on getting plastic surgery, schedule it for the last week, from April 27 to 30 if possible - but stay as far away as possible from Mercury retrograde next month! Of course, you should never get plastic surgery when Venus, the planet of good looks, is retrograde either - that's obvious! In case you are wondering, Venus won't be retrograde again this year, not until October 8 to November 18, 2010, next year.

I will discuss Mercury later, but suffice to say, Mercury will turn retrograde on May 7. You never want to schedule anything too close to the day a planet turns retrograde or even on the days when it turns direct.

You have everything going for you, dear Aries, because just a few days after Venus goes direct in Aries, Mars will move into Aries on April 22, the moment you've awaited! From then on, you'll be full of vim and vigor, eager to take on the world! Having Mars in Aries is a terrific development because it gives you such an important competitive advantage in just about any arena, personal or professional. If you were up for a job, you'll stand a much better chance of getting it. If you are due to be in a strenuous athletic competition, you are likely to give the other contestants a run for the money.

This is an ideal place for Mars to be to help you win. Even in your personal life, having Mars in Aries will make you more attractive and magnetic, always a plus! You will love the extra attention!

You will have Mars to yourself until May 31, putting you in the center of a stirring pot of activity, just as you like it! You will display quite a bit of courage and drive now, and your passion will be contagious. The last time you had Mars in Aries, it was May-June 2007. The seeds you plant this month have a good chance of taking root, so if you have a project you've been working on and are ready to launch it, do so between April 22 and April 30.

Save time for friends, too. Two outstanding dates for socializing with pals will be April 4 and April 10. If you aren't attached, let one pal play matchmaker for you this month - with Jupiter contacting Mercury (April 4) and the Sun (April 10), you may find that this time your friend really does understand the kind of person you've been hoping to meet!

A perfect day for a blind date will be April 21, the day when Venus and Mars will embrace your confidential sector. Venus loves to be with Mars, but like any other modern couple they are often too busy to be together. Both planets have been on assignment in different parts of your chart lately, so they haven't been able to spend any kind of quality time together! On this night, April 21, they will meet for the first time in seven months. This is considered one of the sexiest planetary aspects, meant to start new love, so you may see some lovely sparks!

Let's turn to the subject of salary. If you need to make more money (and who doesn't?) then the new moon of April 24 is will be your best buddy. In the days that follow, more money and increased career status is likely to come your way. The way astrology works best is for planning, so schedule your request for a raise, or negotiate your new salary with the person you have been interviewing with lately on or just AFTER that new moon of April 24. You will feel appreciated and much more secure if you do.

This new moon of April 24 will mark a key time for you, for by then you will clearly see that your career is on track. Your financial outlook could not be better. All the hard work you've been doing over the past year could now catapult you to a new level. It's an important moment, so you must promise me that you'll take full advantage. You will get precious few moments as strong as this one to see a leap in income - this one will be one of your best of 2009. If you look, you will find a door that is just about to swing open if you gently test and push on it. Ask for a raise and more responsibility at the new moon April 24 (or even better, Monday, April 27, or Thursday, April 30).

This new moon April 24 is important for another reason. On Friday, April 24, Mercury and Uranus will be perfectly oriented, so you may have a confidential meeting that goes gangbusters. Mercury will be in your financial house, so it's a great day to talk about all things financial.
If you need to sign important papers this month, do so on April 4, but try to avoid doing so near April 24 when certain details may be hidden, missing, or unclear. Ask lots of questions of the other party, and if you need to redo a clause or two that will take a while, then do, but take your time and sign in early June. If you can get things sorted out sooner, do so on April 27 or 29.
On April 15, you may be quite angry or upset about something you discover. You may learn a secret about someone, or, conversely, a secret of yours may come out in the open. It may be hard to maintain your equilibrium on this day, but knowing in advance that someone may decide to push your buttons may help you get through it in good shape - wear your armor!

Mars is the planet of war, and Uranus, of explosions and unexpected events. Need I say more? As you see, you might have a meltdown. Alternatively, you may walk into something if you are not looking. These two planets will be in Pisces, so protect your feet and ankles, the area most likely to have problems.

All month, try to be as productive as you can be. Keep in mind that Mercury, the planet of communication, commerce, and agreements, will be retrograde nearly all through May, so you would have a narrow window in which to work in April.

At the end of April, if you are at all hesitant about moving forward on an impending agreement or new venture, put on the brakes. Don't accept anything that gives you pause. Take a deep breath and slow down. You can continue to talk, do research, and explore options, but I will advise you strongly not to sign anything until early June. If you encounter delays, those will actually benefit you. Have faith that the universe is working in your favor, dear Aries.

At times this month you may become restless and anxious for change, but others will not be matching your stride. Sometimes this happens, dear Aries.

If there is anything I have had to learn in life it is that sometimes other people simply don't work on our timetable. This may be one of those times, where you have to wait for others to catch up with you. They will - have some faith! When Mars moves into Aries on April 22 you will be looking at a MUCH brighter picture! Finally, the tide will turn in your favor!

Socially, it's due to be a sweet month, so for now, enjoy yourself! Happy Birthday!
Most romantic dates: April 4, 9, 10, 17, 18-21, 25, 29, and 30.


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