Friday, March 06, 2009

The Cure

A long and very intense week...
Manic Mondays.
Los Angeles Traffic.
Rain, snow or otherwise (depending where you are).
Work, on-the-job pressure, deadlines.
Blackberrys that don’t stop buzzing.
Dinner to cook.
CNN to watch.
Lost items.
Expenses to pay.
Children…beautiful children who need and want so much from you.
Drinks with friends & colleagues, social events to attend every night of the week.
Lovers who love you and require of you.
Lovers who don’t really love you.
Nails and toes that aren’t so glossy anymore.
You are SO needing Calgon to come and take it all away, but I have the cure.

A pretty, airy, and open nail salon conveniently nestled on one of LA’s most storied shopping strips - Robertson Blvd. Just a few blocks up the street is some good retail therapy and a nice mix of restaurants.

Still, what makes Bellacures so special? Do we ever really have much to say about the regular girly regimen of the manicure & pedicure?? You get it done, and go on with life as if you were born with fabulous looking nails and toes. Don’t we all do that?

The storefront reads like a sleek boutique. Inside, soothing d├ęcor. A skylight. Rows of big cushy, comfy armchairs. This is where you will be pampered. Your eyes scan the room and find order and a high standard of cleanliness. You are relieved. The friendly owner, Samira, seats you in what will ultimately be your throne. You are offered a soothing cup of green tea. You oblige. Two very friendly and conversational manicurists greet you, and begin to work their magic. A pillow is placed in your lap to help balance your Us Weeklies. Your hands and feet are brought through a series of blissful treatments. During the Intense Moisture Manicure, a rich butter cream is massaged into your hands, and then hot towels are wrapped around them. You will just melt. Halfway through the magazines and the cup of tea, you will be completely over how much Jessica Simpson weighs and ready to close your little eyes. Bellacures Super Duper Pedi is pretty much the Louis Vuitton of pedicures. Your feet will be nipped, tucked, buffed, scrubbed with a yummy scented walnut scrub, massaged AND have a minty foot mask applied! This luxurious treatment is capped off with hot towel wraps around your feet and shiny polish. Bellacures has perfected the manicure/pedicure, hands-down!

Bellacures has a special offer for The Roni Report subscribers for the entire month of March! 10% off of all services through 3/31/09!! They offer a full-menu of salon services, and are open 7-days per week. 239 North Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211, 310.550.5822. Call for an appointment. Tell them The Roni Report sent you!!


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