Tuesday, October 21, 2008


...but can you keep a secret???
My hair stylist has introduced me to the most delicious hair product yet, and I must admit my unwillingness (a.k.a. pure selfishness - complete with my arms folded across each other as I type) to disclose this sweet little find to the masses. Well, obviously I gave it some thought and have since changed my mind. It's so fantastic that it's almost criminal to keep it to myself so here it is from me to you with love (drumroll please)...
Why Moroccan Oil, you ask???
Well, I'll tell you. It smells TERRIFIC. Absolutely DELICIOUS! It reduces frizz, increases elasticity, enhances hair color and it gives your hair the most magnificent shine and gloss ever - AND it comes in a beautiful amber glass bottle with turquoise packaging (which just happens to complement the decor in my bathroom at home). Need I say more?? I use the oil when my hair is wet (to moisturize before styling), AND when it's dry (as a finishing oil). Moroccan Oil contains Argan Oil, from the Argan tree which grows only in Morocco. The fruit that the Argan tree produces is similar to an olive, except larger. Women in Morocco have used Argan Oil on their hair and nails for centuries to counteract the effects of aging and of the harsh, hot climate. It retails for about $40 per bottle, and it's worth every bit of it. Visit our link under Beauty Product Obsessions to learn where you can find this little gem.

I'm so in love with this product and you will be too when you try it.
There you have it - my latest beauty secret, and a Good Samaritan deed all wrapped into one.



P.S. - Let's keep this one quiet, please.
(This tidbit is exclusively for the beloved readers of TRR only!!)

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