Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Manic Monday thru Sundays

Remember the song, Manic Monday by The Bangles, circa 1986??
("Just another Manic Monday........ wish it was Sunday..... that's my fun-day....... when I don't have to run late.... it's just another Manic Monday!!!")
(Click the column header for a trip down memory lane!)

Well, sometimes life in the big city can seem like a never-ending Manic Monday. Almost like a Groundhog Day of some sorts. Things get hectic, vision gets cloudy and it can seem like your going in circles. When that happens, it is ok to go on Sabbatical from it all! Some of us also call it hibernating. Either way, this is something that some of us need to do every so often.

Allow yourself some time to take a step back, take inventory of things, rejuvenate yourself, re-establish your goals, re-invent, and re-emerge! Feed your mind, body & soul. Read books, listen to relaxing music, take baths, long walks, vacations, skip some of the phone conversations and really just focus on YOU.

This my friends, is what I have spent the last 6 months doing. Now, it's springtime and just as the weather is changing & the flowers blooming, it is time for a newly renewed, relaxed and refreshed me to emerge. The big city is looking beautiful again!

The Roni Report is back!



p.s. - Did you know that "Manic Monday" was written by Prince in 1984?? Cool little tidbit of info.
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