Friday, November 09, 2007


Animal print took on a whole new meaning at the Los Angeles launch of the Roberto Cavalli for H&M collection!

First of all, let's pay homage to this phenomenal fashion talent for pulling off a feat that is almost unimaginable.... taking his signature imprint from couture- level proportions, to fit into the H&M format. Unbelievable. The collection is nothing short of beautiful and impressive. Printed Tunics, flashy blingy red-carpet-worthy gowns, wild & sexy lingerie, snake-embroidered jeans, ruffled shirts - need I go on?? Cavalli delivered, just like his admirers knew he would!!

Ok, now back to Animal Print....
People. How could you?? What the hell? When H&M's doors opened, there was a mad rush, and the crowd went ballistic. It was like "The Running of the Bulls" in Spain or something. Gangs of women actually "robbed" the sales floor of pieces, turning a landmark shopping event into Guerilla Warfare. What happened to etiquette? Manners? Tact? Consideration? Pride? Dignity? When I tell you it all went out the window, it went out the window. Those of us who held on to those virtues were left disgusted but determined not to let a disappointing few ruin the whole thing. I have a few questions to put out there to you all...

1. Should one person grabbeth an entire rack of clothes in one swoop, knowing that hundreds of people other than themselves are in attendance to worship the beauty and artistry of the collection?

2. Is it necessary to scream at people in a retail store, elbowing and kicking your way to a hanger holding a........ dress?

3. Do we think it's cute to get escorted out of a launch event after committing such indignities?

We all love fashion, but get it together, people!

To be fair, this did not happen exclusively in Los Angeles. Fashion colleagues at the event were phoning and texting friends in other cities and we learned that people's hair got pulled out at the NYC 5th Avenue launch. Wow, is all I can say to that. The London launch was just as popular, with pieces selling out in a matter of minutes. Kudos to the H&M family & the honorable Mr. Roberto Cavalli!!

P.S. - I didn't go there for nothing. You WILL be seeing me out in this dress!! xoxoxo!
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